Trini is an international consultant. She is a trainer in international commerce and specializes in capacity building for multicultural teams, both in companies and other organizations. Her expertise lies in leadership, organizational development and corporate culture. She also specializes in the negotiation of strategic alliances and other means of cooperation between parties and organizations.

Her professional experience has enabled her to travel, work and collaborate with people from around the globe.

She has extensive experience in project management mainly in SMEs, with in depth understanding of their idiosyncrasies and in the management of collaborative action in accordance with established objectives.

At TAGA she combines her participation in the Programmes offered with her role as team coordinator, event manager and management of the company overall.

Her experience includes being an entrepreneur herself as well as demonstrated capacity to implement both local as well as international projects and 30 years’  experience as a trainer.

Following her Law Degree (UAB), she focused her postgraduate training firstly in International Commerce (Postgraduate studies and Master’s at CEDEIN, ESCI) and subsequently in change management and executive coaching (ESADE), PNL and systematic configuration management (Bert Hellinger).

She has two children at university and is socially committed on different levels (education, social assistance).

Founder & Co-director

Partner & Co-director

Partner Colombia | Co-Director

Partner | Development & Evaluation

Development Partner

Administration & Office Manager

Project Director & Coach

Partner Colombia | Project Director